Instead of sugar, jaggery and coconut sugar can be used to produce a variety of desserts and sweet foods. To obtain the genuine flavour and desired effects, sugarcane or coconut of the highest quality is required. Therefore, you must buy pure jaggery online as you get Jaggery at the best prices.

Different types of Jaggery are available online

Here are different types of pure jaggery online:

  • The Khejur gur

Is renowned for its flavour and taste and is made from date palm extract. It is not manufactured; instead, it is obtained from the communities in the district of Nadia’s Majhdia. Naturally handmade is Moumachi Khejur Gur. Due to its lack of chemical processing and refinement, it might include residual residue.

The flavour and taste of Moumachi Khejur Gur are well-known. In the villages of Majhdia and Nadia, it is organically handmade. Khejur Moumachi Gur is not chemically processed or purified. Thus, it could include some residue. Please utilise and filter. Moumachi Khejur Gur is pure organic jaggery, farm fresh, and free of artificial ingredients and preservatives.

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  • Date of Palm Jaggery

The flavour of palm jaggery, also known as Khajoor Gur or Palm Jaggery, is somewhat comparable to that of chocolate. In contrast to refined sugar, palm jaggery maintains all minerals even after going through the process of manufacture. It is abundant in minerals, including potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. Date palm sap is extracted, cooked, and hand-churned to create this jaggery. So, Buy pure gur now.

Palm jaggery contains both the nutritive benefits and sweetness of dates. Along with its various health benefits, this jaggery is well known for its medicinal properties. West Bengal is where date palm jaggery is most frequently used to manufacture confections.

  • Coconut Jaggery

Unfermented coconut sap is used to make coconut jaggery, drained, heated, crystallised, and put into different moulds. Due to the environment’s freezing effect, this semisolid jaggery gradually turns into a crystallised hard mass.

Among many people, coconut jaggery is more widely consumed than sugarcane jaggery. It is one of the several jaggery varieties frequently used in Southern Indian cuisine. You can also buy khajur gur patali online.

  • Toddy Palm jaggery

It is produced by boiling the sap of the toddy palm. It is a Myanmar speciality. This particular variety of jaggery might be what you’re looking for if you’re trying to figure out which kind is best for your health. It is golden brown and has a strong toddy palm scent.

These tasty products are very useful for making authentic dishes at home. You can make authentic Bengali dishes at home by taking help from YouTube. Many recipes are available on the website, so enjoy your desserts on every festive occasion. Therefore, if you are interested in buying nolen gur online, then visit our website now. Nolen gur is one of the favourite sweets of every Indian.

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