Daler bori is a Bengali delicacy which has been used since ages in Bengali culinary to prepare many traditional Bengali food. It is hugely popular among Bengalis and frequently used in preparing ghonto (Mishmash), macher jhol (Fish curry) and many other dishes.

Types of daler bori

In earlier days, daler bori recipe was prepared with only urad dal known as Biuli daler bori. But now a day’s different varieties of Bengali  badi is prepared using different lentils and spices. Now a days, masoor daler bori, matar daler bori, masala bori, kalai daler bori and posto bori are easily available premium quality bori in https://moumachi.in

Apart from east India, daler bori is known by different names in different subcontinents of the country. In many places, it is also referred as badi, bodi, vadi, mangodi, dried lentil dumpling and many more.

Moumachi preparing daler bori at home. Honestly, these homemade daler bori are much better in texture, taste and flavour as compared to the market bought. Now enjoy the taste.