Before we start anything, a small briefing on the topic “HONEY” what is Honey?

Honey is Nectar collected by Bees from flowers and converted to honey with the help of enzymes. Honey stored in a honey comb cell and is sealed with bee-wax, so that it can be used later. Honey from this honey comb is then collected by humans for the use of other health benefits.”

Honey is an integral part of our Indian household. However, it has not surpassed from it medicinal benefits and people are still deprived of reaping Honeys other health benefits.

Honey and its compounds are drawing attention as an effective natural therapy because of its ability to attenuate acute inflammation through enhancing immune response. Several studies have proved its potential healing capability against numerous chronic diseases/ conditions including pulmonary disorders, cardiac disorders, diabetes, hypertension, fungal infections. More importantly honey has proved its virucidal effect on several enveloped viruses.

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