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A perfect combination of 6 different types of Urad dal Bori. These Bori are not only good in taste but also very easy to digest and are a great source of protien. All these Bori are 100% Vegan and Gluten free. No artificial colour, flavour or preservatives are used in the preparation.

Bori is considered to be one of the most essential ingredient in a bengali household/ kitchen. Usage: Used in various bengali cuisines such as sukto, aloo bori jhol, maacher jhol, niramish jhol, etc.

Each batch is carefully processed and graded under strict quality control for superior quality, maintaining all safety & security norms.

Each supreme grade product are hygienically packed in food grade pouches following piece picking method to ensure quality, size, authentic flavour and texture.

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150g ×6, 250g×6


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