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Our Khejur gur is made from the extract of date palm and very well known for its taste and flavor. It is not factory made and it is procured from the villages of Majhdia,district Nadia. Moumachi Khejur Gur is naturally hand made. It may have some residue as it is not chemically treated and refined.
It’s organic.

Features and details

Moumachi Khejur Gur is known for its flavor and taste

Moumachi Khejur Gur is not factory made. It is naturally hand made in the villages of Majhdia, Nadia

Moumachi Khejur Gur may have some residue as it is not chemically treated and refined. Please filter and use

Moumachi Khejur Gur is 100% real, Farm Fresh, without any preservatives and artificial agents, it’s organic

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Glass Jar, PET Jar

5 reviews for Date Palm Jaggery/Khejur Gur Jhola -1250g
  1. Ripan modal


  2. sayantaniindrayudh

    Excellent quality.

  3. ray.nakul9977

    মৌমাছির খেঁজুরের রসের নলেন আর পাটালি যেমন সুস্বাদু তেমনই মজাদার।
    পায়েস, পিঠে এমনকি হাতে তৌরী গরম রুটিতেও বিশেষ আগ্রহ জাগায়।
    ধন্যবাদ মৌমাছি!

  4. Dipayan Daw

    For this type of thing, it’s better to take reviews from elder ones. “Ei hochhe asol jhola gur” said by my father who himself does shopping for each and every thing of our house. Nothing would be more satisfying certifications for me. So really recommend who loves authentic jhola gur be it for making payes or for dipping last Luchi as dessert or so…

  5. amisubhajit.saha6

    Pure and Tasty, loved it

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