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Our Khejur gur is made from the extract of date palm and very well known for its taste and flavor. It is not factory made and it is procured from the villages of Majhdia,district Nadia. Moumachi Khejur Gur is naturally hand made. It may have some residue as it is not chemically treated and refined.
It’s organic.

Features and details

Moumachi Khejur Gur is known for its flavor and taste

Moumachi Khejur Gur is not factory made. It is naturally hand made in the villages of Majhdia, Nadia

Moumachi Khejur Gur may have some residue as it is not chemically treated and refined. Please filter and use

Moumachi Khejur Gur is 100% real, Farm Fresh, without any preservatives and artificial agents, it’s organic

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1250g, 700g, 350g

50 reviews for Date Palm Jaggery/Khejur Gur Jhola
  1. pathak.kajari2012

    The taste was very good and up to the mark. The delivery was very fast. They have given assistance in whatsapp as well. We have got a free sample which is also very tasty.

  2. goswami.shruti81

    I have never tasted a better jhola gur. The delivery, packaging, customer liaison and above all, the quality is excellent. I shall buy more products from Moumachi. The jaggery has won my heart and everyone at my home can’t stop having it. Thank you.

  3. contactsantu

    Excellent product……. recommended

  4. bappa.chakraborty84

    I just become a regular customer of Moumachi from last three years. This year too, the Nolen Gur met my expectations. Really nice to have something authentic nowadays. Have a try.

  5. gangulyruma

    খুব ভালো টেস্টে। আমি খুব স্যাটিসফায়েড।

  6. gangulyruma

    Ami 2nd time order dilam. Abar Debo. Excellent tastr

  7. gangulyruma

    Moumachir dal bari o khub bhalo.

  8. gangulyruma

    আমি এই প্রথম মৌমাছি প্রোডাক্টের াস্টমার হলাম। এদের নলেন ঝোলা ুড়ের স্বাদ এর কোনো তুলনা নেই। খুব ভালো টেস্টে।

  9. indranibasu3

    I bought it this winter. The taste and quality were good.

  10. susmita80061306

    Ami ei gur ta order korechilam amar maa er jonno amar maa khub happy

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