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Direct from the litchi orchards of Farakka terai lands, this 100% pure honey is light and buttery with a melt-in-the-mouth with unique flavour. Its light creamy and distinctive flavour makes it a great addition to buttered toast, light tea and breakfast cereal. (This honey will crystallize).


Lychee is a great source of dietary fiber, protein, proanthocyanidins and polyphenolic compounds, which makes it an energizing fruit. ‘Lychee Honey’ is helpful in digestive issues, cognitive disorders help improving blood circulation, and protecting the body from various diseases and afflictions.

✅️ Use glass jars to keep well for a long time.

✅️ Natural honey can crystallize over a period of time. It is a natural feature of natural honey. Place the crystallized honey in a bowl of hot water or in the sun for reuse.

✅️ Generally, natural honey does not have an expiration date and it can be used for a long time.

✅️ Natural honey is highly hygroscopic in nature, easily absorbs moisture in the air and ferments. Therefore, use in clean and dry containers for dipping in honey.

✅️ Not meant for consumption for children below 1 year.

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Glass Jar, PET Jar


1400g (700g×2), 700g, 350g

6 reviews for Litchi Honey
  1. sanjibshaw80130

    It’s nice product

  2. roy.partha911

    I purchase this Litchi Honey and Premium Quality Ghee . Both are excellent in taste. The price justify the products. I should recommend to buy this related products because the service and products are awesome.❤
    Today I ordered Khajur Gur (jhola) 700g for trial.

  3. swapanrauth

    Ami litchi r honey ti use korechi , eta khub valo and eta r flavors, taste 2toi khub sundar.


    বর্তমানে অনলাইনে অনেক মধুর ব্র্যান্ড পাওয়া যায় কিন্তু আমি বেশ কিছু ব্যবহার করার পর মৌমাছি মধুর সাথে স্থির হয়েছি। আমি এদের পাঁচ ধরনের মধু ব্যবহার করেছি যা স্বাদে গন্ধে অতুলনীয়। অবশ্যই বলতে চাই যে এটির মূল্যও নাগালের মধ্যে,সাথে বিনামূল্যে হোম ডেলিভারির সুবিধা। ধন্যবাদ মৌমাছি!

  5. deysujan7

    Very very good product and nice packaging. Purchase last two years.

  6. jhantud0509

    Moumachi lLichi Honey is exceptional in taste

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