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Our Multiflora Honey combo contains 3 jars of Multiflora Honey 350g from the 3 sides of India.
The unprocessed, 100% pure, and natural Moumachi Multiflora is a chemical and preservative-free superfood. It is a powerhouse of carbohydrates, natural sugars, and antioxidants. It boosts immunity, and digestive systems, and heals ulcers. Excellent for treating dry cough, sore throat, and infections of the upper respiratory system.

✅️ Use glass jars to keep well for a long time.

✅️ Natural honey can crystallize over a period of time. It is a natural feature of natural honey. Place the crystallized honey in a bowl of hot water or in the sun for reuse.

✅️ Generally, natural honey does not have an expiration date and it can be used for a long time.

✅️ Natural honey is highly hygroscopic in nature, easily absorbs moisture in the air and ferments. Therefore, use in clean and dry containers for dipping in honey.

✅️ Not meant for consumption for children below 1 year.

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