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  • This wildflower honey is collected from the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The honey is made by the wild bees from the nectar of medicinal flowers. This natural & unprocessed honey, far away from civilization, is free of adulteration & pollution. It brings you all the goodness of organic honey from the wildflowers. It is well known that this wild honey collected from these natural sources is full of medicinal properties, and is a key ingredient in Ayurveda.

Benefits :-

Helps lower your risk of heart disease.

Enhance your immune system.

Helps treat respiratory diseases.

Helps in preventing acid reflux.

Helps in fighting infections.

Honey helps beautifying Skin and Hair.

✅️ Use glass jars to keep well for a long time.

✅️ Natural honey can crystallize over a period of time. It is a natural feature of natural honey. Place the crystallized honey in a bowl of hot water or in the sun for reuse.

✅️ Generally, natural honey does not have an expiration date and it can be used for a long time.

✅️ Natural honey is highly hygroscopic in nature, easily absorbs moisture in the air and ferments. Therefore, use in clean and dry containers for dipping in honey.

✅️ Not meant for consumption for children below 1 year.

Additional information

Glass Jar, PET Jar

3 reviews for Wild Forest/Jim Corbett Honey (HiveHoney)- 350g
  1. heartspoloknew123

    Nice & real honey

  2. giriashok2552

    The expert team at Moumachi get the best and purest Wild Forest Honey that is gathered by tribals using their traditional skills. This Pure Organic Honey is collected from natural beehives in Jim Corbett forest.

  3. choudharyrajivranjan96

    One of the best honey I have Used. Thank you Moumachi. Have been using Raw Wild Honey and Loved it.

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