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Multi Floral Honey is collected from the Agricultural and forest regions of Himachal Pradesh. It can be easily characterized by its Light to dark color, Delicious taste and with its High tendency of crystallization. Its color can vary from very light to dark and flavor range from light and fruity to tangy and rich, depending on the mix from the different seasonal Flowers. Multi Floral Honey is one of the rarest and pure honey.


Antioxidants powerhouse. Raw Honey: contains Antioxidants called flavonoids and phenolic compounds.

Cough Stopper. Honey can be used as a cough suppressant.

Protective phytonutrients.

Skin care and wound healing.

Easing digestive issues.

✅️ Use glass jars to keep well for a long time.

✅️ Natural honey can crystallize over a period of time. It is a natural feature of natural honey. Place the crystallized honey in a bowl of hot water or in the sun for reuse.

✅️ Generally, natural honey does not have an expiration date and it can be used for a long time.

✅️ Natural honey is highly hygroscopic in nature, easily absorbs moisture in the air and ferments. Therefore, use in clean and dry containers for dipping in honey.

✅️ Not meant for consumption for children below 1 year.

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