Many people don’t realize just how many different kinds of honey there are. And the truth is, every time a flower blooms the bees can make a deliciously different honey from the nectar. However, it’s only when huge fields of the same flower bloom at the same time that we, the beekeepers, can be certain that the honey is made from a particular blossom. Order this Customise Sample Honey Box of our Moumachi® honey and taste the difference. Honey colour might differ from product photos due to harvest

Purpose :

• Small samples helped you choose which ones you liked more

• You can try many varieties of honey at the same time

• By checking taste, texture, density, smell, and benefits one can find out which variety is the best for you

• This box contains 4 pure honeys of your choice and makes the perfect gift for everyone

Instructions :

After you receive the samples do the following.

• Observe the colour differences of each variety

• Turn the samples upside down, and compare the time taken by each to settle at the bottom. You notice that flow rates and density vary for each variety

• Notice the smell/aroma of each variety

• Check the air bubbles

• Honey has an aftertaste i.e. taste remains in your mouth after you finish eating. For example, neem honey tastes sweet but leaves slight bitter aftertaste

• Take 5-minute breaks between tasting each variety. Otherwise, you feel a mixed taste & aroma of the varieties you have consumed


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